Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's the Council ever done for me ...

What's the Council ever done for me? - sadly, quite a common question I hear ...

... well, many colleagues at the Council will know that I've been taking part in a series of workplace meetings with staff, seeking to get views - and input - about the medium-term challenges that are facing the organisation.

And here's a brief video that was put together, to try and answer that too-often heard question, which has been shown at all of the events so far - thought it may be of interest:

Hope you can find a few minutes to watch it? (looks better on full screen!)

Now, clearly, these staff-sessions have helped inform our thinking for this coming year's Budget - as just passed - but, much more importantly, they are about looking forward to the 2015/16 period, and beyond.

The first cycle of these Pride in our People events is now over - but more will follow later this year, and I'll be sure to post-up further details in due course ...

... watch this space!

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