Sunday, September 08, 2013

'Pedal for Scotland' - no more ...

Well, today - for the first time in 11 whole years - I didn't do the Pedal for Scotland ride :-(

... I did hint a couple of years ago that I'd stop after ten! --- and, as many of you will know, I am now training for the 2014 Edinburgh Marathon.

You can follow my progress with that, over on my blipfoto diary ...

... and you could even consider sponsoring me, which will  help Venture Scotland, and also help to keep my motivation up; all those relevant details are here :-)

Anyhow ... our substitute challenge today, was to complete our first 10K (just over 6-miles) and I'm pleased to report that we managed it successfully - taking just 30-seconds short of the hour :-)

Only need to multiply that by around four-and-a-half and we're there :-))

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