Friday, May 31, 2013

Crown to appeal sentence

I posted earlier this month about my complete lack of comprehension at the sentencing of the individual responsible for knocking Audrey Fyfe from her bike ...

... so, I was really pleased to hear this afternoon that the Crown Office have agreed to appeal the original sentence: on both the length of the Community Payback Order (originally set at 300-hours) and the length of the disqualification from driving (originally set at 5-years).

I understand that the Crown Office only appeal a dozen or so cases a year, and there's no doubt in my mind that the weight of public opinion will have impacted on their decision to pursue this specific appeal. They received over 6,000 pieces of correspondence concerning the case.

I really hope that the content of that correspondence is now studied carefully - as I'm equally certain that if it is, then only one outcome is justified, and that's an increase in both the sentence and the driving-ban.

It's the very least the families, who have been involved in this case, deserve.

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