Saturday, May 18, 2013

Candidates confirmed for Liberton/Gilmerton by-election

All the voter-information you need for the upcoming Ward 16, Liberton/Gilmerton Council by-Election on Thursday 20th June can now be found via this link.

And all the candidates standing in the Liberton/Gilmerton by-election have been confirmed.

They are:

  • Derek Howie - Scottish National Party (SNP)
  • Phil Hunt - Pirate Party Scotland
  • John Christopher Knox - Scottish Liberal Democrats
  • Alys Mumford - Scottish Green Party
  • Stephanie Murray - Scottish Conservative and Unionist
  • Keith John Robson - Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate
  • John Scott - Independent
  • Jonathan Stanley - UKIPScotland 

Voters in this ward have until Wednesday 5 June 2013 to register to vote or apply for a postal vote for the by-election. To register to vote or apply for a postal vote people should contact the Electoral Registration Office or phone 0131 344 2500. 

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm. The location of some polling places has changed so voters should check their polling cards carefully to find out where to vote. 

Polling Places:
  • Gilmerton Community Centre
  • Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre
  • Liberton Kirk Halls
  • Liberton Northfield Church
  • South Neighbourhood Office and Library
  • St Gregory’s Church Hall
  • TA Centre
  • Valley Park Community Centre

The by-election will use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system where voters can rank candidates in order of preference using numbers rather than a single cross. Voters can give a rank to as many or as few candidates as they like. The result of the by-election will be announced once the votes are counted on Friday 21 June. 

The vacancy in the Liberton/Gilmerton ward was created by the death of Councillor Tom Buchanan on Wednesday 3 April.

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