Friday, March 15, 2013

Castlebrae Community High School decision

Council Meeting was, unsurprisingly, totally dominated by the debate on Castlebrae Community High School. I'll blog more on the decision in a few days time ...

... but for now, here is the actual agreed motion:
  1. Council acknowledges the strong arguments presented in favour of, and against, closing Castlebrae Community High School; and the concerns expressed by the local community and the ‘Save the Brae’ campaign.
  2. Council rejects officials’ recommendations in the report. 
  3. Council instructs the Director of Children and Families to report to the Education, Children and Families Committee within three months with future options for Castlebrae Community High School including the potential to retain the Castlebrae Community High School building as an Annex of Portobello High School until a new Secondary School in Craigmillar is delivered. 
  4. Council instructs officers to submit a report regarding the potential establishment of a Commission with appropriate external experts to look at viable options for the use of the proposed Annex.

 ... and the relevant News Blog, from the Council's website:

Statement on Castlebrae Community High School

At today's meeting of the City of Edinburgh Council it was decided Castlebrae Community High School will remain open. Councillors have asked for further investigations into a range of future options for the school.

The Council has set aside funding to kick start the design stages for a new school in the Craigmillar area by 2020, when it is believed the new school will be required.

Education, Children and Families Convener, Paul Godzik, said: "We have gone through a thorough consultation process and we have listened and responded to the community.  We are determined to work in co-operation with the community to deliver a better education for pupils, and will now look at further options to do this. In addition, we have today, yet again, reaffirmed our commitment to the new school and we will work towards delivery as quickly as possible."

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