Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easter Craiglockhart Hill - consultation extension

I posted at the weekend about the upcoming consultation event on the future ownership of Easter Craiglockhart Hill ... that meeting, next Thursday evening, is still going ahead.

But I've also received quite a bit of feedback about the perceived 'short length' of the consultation period, which was due to finish at the end of February.

Now, to be fair, that length of period was initially a response to the original motion that led to the request for a Council Report on all of this - and which instructed the report to come back to Committee within 4-cycles.

But having reflected on all of the feedback, I have asked for the consultation period to be extended by a month (so it will run through until the 31st March) and the eventual report will now go to the next Committee cycle ... so likely to be reported to the Corporate Policy and Strategy Committee on Tuesday 14th May.

The Council's website will be updated to reflect these changes as soon as feasible.

Thanks to those who got in touch with constructive criticism on all of this - particularly my Ward colleague Gavin Corbett.

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