Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Budget Day approaching

I reported on the impending local budget in my last post, mentioning the fact that we'd published our draft proposals several months prior to actual Budget Day - which this year is on Thursday 7th February ...

... well, further in line with our commitment to try and make this whole process more open, transparent and meaningful; it is also our intention (as the Capital Coalition) to publish a full and final draft of our revised budget proposals (including our final draft motion) tomorrow (Thursday 31st), a full week prior to the actual Budget Day.

I'll thus put up links to the relevant files, in a subsequent blog post, at 10am tomorrow morning.

You can obviously still read about our initial draft proposals here - with the associated, detailed figures here - and a report on the feedback we received from the public can now be accessed here.

And once our revised proposals are published tomorrow, I'd still welcome any further feedback prior to Thursday 7th February.

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