Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Sunday and Allotment Robin

Attended the Remembrance Sunday events at the City Chambers and St.Giles Cathedral this morning - a sombre and reflective few hours.

St. Giles was though (as so often) looking truly stunning from within, with sunlight streaming through every stained-glass window, adding a strangely uplifting atmosphere to the morning's proceedings.

Escaped to the Allotment later in the afternoon (for a very brief visit) and managed to catch this photo of a visiting robin.

Dark so early now, it really had to be a quick visit :-(


Anonymous said...

You usually get a robin watching you when digging the garden .. its looking for worms..or Chocolate biscuits in your case !!

Keep digging !


Andrew said...


Ha ha! Probably true :-)

Good to see that the comments are working easily again!