Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Investing in Jobs: Edinburgh's Call to Action

Been asked again (honestly!) to post my speech notes from today's conference up on the blog ...

... thus please see the following:

Investing in Jobs: Edinburgh's Call to Action

  • Thanks Robert and good morning ladies and gentlemen.
  • It really is a pleasure for me to be here today to mark the launch of the Councils’ Strategy for Jobs
  • It’s very heartening to see so many people here --- from across the city’s business, public and third sectors --- first thing on a Wednesday morning, to discuss and debate Edinburgh’s call to action for an on-going and relentless focus on investment in local jobs.
  • I’m particularly grateful that the Deputy First Minister is here this morning, despite being involved in a Government reshuffle just last week, and all the undoubted diary-chaos that will have created.
  • I’m personally delighted that you’ve retained the Cities element of your portfolio and very much welcome that continuity, and on-going commitment, at this crucial time.
  • Robert, can I also start by saying a very special thank-you to our business sponsors for this event, who include:
  • Gillespie MacAndrew
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Lothian Buses
  • Millers
  • Montagu Evans
  • and Selex Galileo.
  • Their public endorsement of this launch is hugely welcomed and sends out a very powerful signal of the collaborative approach which we are keen to build on.
  • Robert, you mentioned the Council’s Coalition Agreement in which we have outlined our partnership vision, for the City, for the forthcoming 5-years..
  • Our absolute central priority is to build a co-operative, more prosperous Edinburgh in which every resident and community benefits.
  • We are keen to act in a co-operative, open way, involving citizens, businesses and the third sector. This means keeping people informed, listening to and reflecting their views.
  • And this Strategy is an early example of exactly that type of approach.
  • The programme outlined in the Strategy document, a copy of which is contained within your information packs, was developed through close collaboration between the Council and its partners, including the Edinburgh Business Forum who have endorsed the strategy and who are co-hosting today’s conference.
  • You will hear from Hugh Rutherford, who Chairs the Forum, a little later.
  • The Strategy for Jobs sets out an ambitious programme for sustainable growth in jobs and investment in Edinburgh’s economy.
  • And, crucially, it puts people at the heart of that Strategy.
  • Creating the conditions for growth and jobs has to be the Council’s number one economic priority - and one which will require every Council service to respond.
  • The Council’s Chief Executive, Sue Bruce, will shortly be outlining the detail of the Strategy and the plans for delivering our vision of a confident, creative and inspiring capital, powering growth and jobs for the city region and for the rest of Scotland.
  • These plans are deliberately ambitious and recognise the unique role that the Capital City of Scotland plays.
  • However, we know that we cannot deliver this Strategy by working in isolation.
  • The challenges are significant and meeting them requires a strong sense of shared purpose and collaboration.
  • That’s why today’s event is also a Call to Action for all of our partners.
  • By pooling our knowledge, expertise, connections and resources we believe we can enhance our capacity to support the local economy.
  • And we do want to hear from you – with your ideas on where we might begin to work together or where we might build on existing partnerships.
  • For all of us – I know – it’s a privilege to be part of the Edinburgh story.
  • This Capital City stands out as a remarkably successful and resilient location but, as we move through this coming decade we need to build on that success and work together to deliver our ambitions for this exceptional and truly world class location.
  • So - this morning, with the launch of this Strategy for Jobs, we will mark an important point in ensuring  – collectively – we rise to the challenge of generating sustainable growth in employment opportunities --- for all residents of the Capital.
  • Every one of us has a part to play - and I look forward to working with you all - in helping to secure a vibrant and successful economic future for Edinburgh.
  • Thanks again for your attendance this morning – your support to date, and your support in the crucial years to come.
  • We need that support – we need to work together – if we’re to achieve the ambitious goals that other speakers will now expand upon.
  • Thank you and – again - welcome.

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