Thursday, September 06, 2012

Co-operative Edinburgh: thinking outside the box

Looking forward to tomorrow's "Co-operative Edinburgh" event ... line-up of speakers:
Co-operative Edinburgh

Thinking outside the box

Friday 7 September 2012

City Chambers, High Street (Royal Mile)
      Edinburgh, EH1 1YJ.

Seminar Programme

09.00               Cllr Andrew Burns: Leader of the City of Edinburgh Council
                        The vision for Edinburgh

09.15              Cllr Steve Reed: Leader of Lambeth Council
                          What makes a successful co-operative council?

09.45                         Jim Maxwell: Business Development Manager, Co-operative Development Scotland

10.15             Plenary: Sue Bruce, Chief Executive, City of Edinburgh Council                     
                      Round table discussions

·               What best practice can you identify that would fit into the co-operative approach as you have heard it described

·               What top 3 actions  would the Council need to take to move towards becoming more co-operative

·               What further information, clarification or support do you need to be confident about contributing to a co-operative approach

11.45               Workshops

·         Energy Co-operatives: Pete Roche,  Edinburgh Community Energy Co-op

·         Housing Co-operatives: Susan Paton, Co-operation and Mutuality Scotland

·         Childcare Co-operatives: Hugh Donnelly, Co-operative Education Trust Scotland

·         Social Care Co-operatives: Dr Guy Turnbull, Care and Share Associates, Sunderland

13.00              Networking lunch: Additional third sector, academic,
                       consultancy and business invitees

14.00              Close

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