Tuesday, June 12, 2012

National Community Planning Group

Attended COSLA/Scottish Government event this afternoon, with my Council Leader's hat on ...

... main focus was on the next stages (and developments) in the Community Planning agenda; listened carefully all afternoon, with an 'Edinburgh Partnership' meeting coming up (when I'll be in the Chair for the first time!) on the 21st June.

New, National Community Planning Group was formally announced by the Minister/s present - News Release can be seen here - all good stuff, and much of the agenda being debated throughout the afternoon is already being actively pursued within many Council areas, in close collaboration with local Partners.

Crunch will come in trying to make this agenda happen in (geographical) areas that don't want to progress it ... frankly, I'm less certain than Minister/s present today that it can all be driven (successfully) on a purely good-will basis.

Hope I'm wrong, and they're right.

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