Monday, June 25, 2012

Better Together launch

Now, I wouldn't claim for a second that a powerful on-line presence and/or a good social media strategy are all that's needed to win a campaign ... but they certainly help when things are tight.

And with all due reticence, I do believe our own Edinburgh Labour experience over the last 12-months illustrates what can be achieved with a little bit of good planning, and an awful lot of behind-the-scenes hard-work.

Lots of elements will have made the difference between Edinburgh Labour getting 18, 19 or 20 (or more) Councillors elected on the 3rd May ... but our social media activities certainly played their part, and given the closeness of the final result it's just as well we put the effort in ;-)

There's a much bigger battle now engaged, with the launch of the Better Together campaign today ... some weeks after the launch of the Yes Scotland campaign.

There are at least 2-years before any referendum ... and I'm increasingly convinced that there simply won't be one at all ... so, plenty of time to argue the pros and cons of the debate-at-hand; but surely even the partisan amongst us would have to acknowledge that the later-launched No Campaign has stolen a significant march with their event earlier today, and accompanying on-line and social media presence?

Plenty of time for things to change of course ... but this (at the moment) isn't a close contest and the ground to be made up by the Yes Campaign - in my humble opinion - just increased significantly today.

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