Monday, April 09, 2012

Edinburgh a "Cooperative Council"?

I've got a piece up, over on the main Edinburgh Labour website this morning, which outlines why I think Councils matter and just what being a "Cooperative Council" could mean for Edinburgh. Do please have a read through it.

This type of transformation really could happen here.

Just spend a few minutes looking at what 'Brixton Energy' have achieved:

... have a look at a few of the sections within their website ... if Brixton can do this, then why not Edinburgh?

Why isn't this type of service-transformation happening in our Capital City?

Spend a few moments looking at some of the early examples (and successes) of cooperative model developments in Lambeth:

Again - if this can all happen in Lambeth, then why not here?

The answer is simple - it's all down to political will and the choices we make ...

... and, if Edinburgh Labour have influence after May 3rd, then as our manifesto (written with Edinburgh residents' input) makes clear - there will be a "Cooperative Council" right here in the Capital City of Scotland.

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