Thursday, April 12, 2012

A day for a poem

My better-half needed to go to work today ...

... so Junior, who is still on holiday, had to seek refuge with some ever-helpful neighbours :-)

As for me - no respite from the election campaign-trail ... after all, there are only 3-weeks to go until Polling Day!

And whilst I know its not yet National Poetry Day ;-)

... its still, most definitely, a day for a poem:

Love while you can

Another Edinburgh sky
As the door opens on the day
Full of potential
Awaiting the unknown

The ride along the canal
Still water eases the commute
The park and path bustle
All the way to the bridge

Then lifted back to tarmac
A circle of local culture
Meadows that forever inspire
To the Capital’s heart

Each and every contact
That follows through the day
Affirms that heroes all
Are those who last till dusk

Too many questions asked
So little truly seen
Just never enough
Simple thoughtfulness

But every day, of every week
Of every year, over these decades
Forever clear to me
The truth of it all

Everything matters
Each detail
Sharp and sweet
Infusing our soul

Then later, home
In every way possible
To everything that matters
Love while you can


Sara Dorman said...

It was lovely around 6am - swans grey/raining...thanks for the picture!

Andrew said...


Yes, just a bit on the damp-side now! Didn't quite see 6am unfortunately ;-)