Sunday, April 15, 2012

Allotment Update!

Amidst the endless campaigning, the growing season hasn't stopped ...

... so, late this afternoon managed to steal a bit of time down at the Allotment and got the first bed of potatoes planted! Here's the photographic proof of the moment the 'Duke of Yorks' went in  :-)

Also got the onion-bed fully planted up and put some new netting around the site ... that shipping-rope isn't going to deter the local foxes, no matter how good it might look :-(

A productive few hours, then back to the leaflets and envelopes ... there's just no end to the joys ;-)


Bill C, said...

You heathen. There was a football match going on,

Andrew said...


I know its a shocking revelation, but there are some for whom football just doesn't do it ...

... now, as for planting potatoes; that comes a close second to stuffing envelopes!