Friday, March 16, 2012

Libraries, Visitor Levy, and a weekend of campaigning

Well, yesterday's Council Meeting was indeed (relatively) brief, finishing just before 1pm!

Main items of debate were the reports on the 'Future Libraries Strategy' and the 'Transient Visitor Levy' (tourist tax); with no change-of-heart on either issue by the current Coalition ...

... no political will to pursue the tourist tax any further; and a point-blank refusal to accept that they have removed over £300,000 from the libraries revenue budget across the last 2-years :-(

Gave the whole meeting an air of being in a 'parallel universe'.

Back here in the real world, a busy campaigning weekend coming up, with (hopefully) aptly-named 'Inspiring Saturday' and 'Super Sunday' ahead of me ... more details over on the Edinburgh Labour site here.

Never a dull moment ;-)

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