Monday, February 20, 2012

Party-flats and some hope for consensus?

Down the Royal Mile at Holyrood earlier this morning for a meeting which Sarah Boyack had organised, on the seemingly intractable issue of Party-flats and the deeply distressing trouble they can cause for local residents.

Sarah has long-campaigned on this issue, but I was really pleased to see an SNP MSP present (Marco Biagi) as well as a Labour MP (Sheila Gilmore); along with three Councillors - myself, Alasdair Rankin (SNP) and Joanna Mowat (Conservative) - and several City-Centre residents who are directly affected by this problem.

Joanna Mowat had a motion on this - at the December Full Council Meeting (see Agenda item 10.11 here) - which was referred on to Health and Social Care Committee, and that body now meets imminently on Tuesday 6th March ... optimistic, following today, that some cross-Party consensus might just see the Motion approved and a report brought back to an early meeting of the new Council post-May 2012.

Here hoping, as it really struck me today that the residents deserve nothing less.


Bill Johnson said...

This is a tricky one as these party groups spend a lot of money here in Edinburgh and in turn employ a lot of people. Perhaps only blocks of flats should be allowed to be 'party flat's i.e. a flats that share the same entrance, stairwells etc. It's a bit of a free for all at the moment.

Andrew said...


I take your point.

But, in essence, what's missing are proper forms of control.

Thanks for checking the blog.