Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The number one priority?

Deeply depressing employment figures out again today - more details on the overall position in Scotland here and here ... with Edinburgh now having nearly 12,000 people on the claimant count; that figure having more-than-doubled in the last 5-years :-((

Almost as depressing as the figures (well, not quite!) is the constant 'blame game' going on amongst politicians of all colours. I'd just like the Government/s in charge - both at Westminster and Edinburgh - to make employment their number one priority and use every waking-hour to stop this being a repeat of the early 1980's.

I had to find my own, first full-time job in 1984 - it wasn't easy; and I don't particularly want my own 14-year old (or any other young person, for that matter) to go through the same travails ... or even worse ... in the near future.

And the last thing I'm sure any young person wants to hear right now are politicians constantly decrying each other :-(

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