Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tweets on the go ...

Tweeting certainly comes with its dangers for politicians - just ask Diane Abbot about that today :-(

... but, it can also be a great tool for disseminating information quickly and providing a near-live commentary on events as they happen: although, that said, I have received complaints about just how many elected (Labour) Councillors are now tweeting live from the Council Chamber when they should be listening to the ensuing debates? It's a perfectly fair point.

But - a really good example of how twitter can be used in a 'live' situation is surely what the local Edinburgh South West Environmental Wardens are doing this morning ... tweeting live as they do their local rounds!

If interested, you should be able to see some of what unfolded by having a quick look at @southwest_team or #edinwarden on twitter.

I think its just a glimmer of what's possible if technology were to be used to its full advantage in managing localised issues; thus helping such be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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