Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Managing absence at work?

Policy and Strategy Committee earlier - main agenda here and full set of papers here ...

... item 5 (specific report here) on managing attendance/absence at work resulted in a bit of needless (in my mind, at least) debate :-(

Trade Union-side and Management-side, clearly have a disagreement on the 'trigger points' within the new, propsed procedures ... but it was obvious from the Deputation and ensuing discussion that there isn't a million-miles between them on the main tenets of the proposals.

So --- we suggested a month's continuation to hopefully sort out the differences and ensure workforce buy-in to the changes; but no, because it was a Labour suggestion it was swatted away and we've ended up having to take the issue to February's Full Council in the (further!) hope that some common sense might prevail meantime.

Lets hope so.

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