Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Elections Consultative Group Meeting

Elections Consultative Group Meeting earlier this afternoon ... clearly lots of behind-the-scenes preparations now going on for next May's Local Government elections: they are less than 150-days away of course ;-)

Timing of the count discussed, and Administrators clear preference is to do the count on the next morning (Friday 4th May). I somehow suspect that the City of Edinburgh will continue functioning perfectly normally without the immediate counting of votes ... after all, if 2007 is anything to go by, it will take several days for any new Administration to be formed?

I have to say, personally, I completely agree with this view and think it frankly bonkers to try and count elections after polls close at 10pm in the evening.

I just fail to see the need to rush and hope that good sense prevails and the counting is indeed left until the morning of Friday 4th May 2012.

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