Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday boy :-)

48 today ... I do hope the next 24-months go really slowly ;-)

I've got my doubts!

Can't believe I'm going to be stuck in the Council Chamber all day on the 22nd December ...

... ah well, important business does need to be discussed --- and the cake will keep.


Anonymous said...

May be there is a hidden motion on the agenda for today's meeting like 'the council agrees to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Andrew Burns on the 22nd December 2011. Who could possibly object to that I wonder? Some might lodge ammendments or want to create a committee to agree on the wording of the Happy Birthday song. But the song must be delivered on time and on budget unlike the t***s. I vote the council keeps the diddy t**m thats on Princes Street this Christmas as it is very cute.

Anyway Happy Birthday to you !!!!

Andrew said...


Many thanks for your Birthday Best Wishes :-))