Sunday, December 18, 2011

Allotment Update - AT LAST :-)

Back from the Allotment and, as you can see, all is looking well :-)

Bit of storm damage to some of the fences, but temporary repairs weren't too difficult to undertake.

I did actually (several months ago) take down some sections of the tall fence, as it really is past its best. Also managed to locate a second-hand stock of good quality fencing posts to renew the whole structure.

But, work-pressures (not that I'm complaining!) have stopped me from completing the re-fencing project ... just might try and get some of it done over the Christmas/New Year period as I can't imagine there will be much time available after the 2nd week in January!

Anyhow - this morning we picked got a great crop of brussel sprouts (you can see some here) in preparation for the Christmas-day invasion ... not sure I've mentioned it before, but we have 12 people in total arriving for Christmas dinner, with every one of the in-laws making the journey North from London!

As well as these brussels, also got some potatoes in storage - so there will certainly be an Allotment-theme to the Christmas day meal :-))

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