Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Group Meeting this evening ...

In preparation for Thursday's Council Meeting, had our usual monthly, Group Meeting this evening ...

... main item of debate was, unsurprisingly, the ABM-report which was delayed last month. You can see the position we took last month, here. And if you go here, you can see all my blog-posts mentioning ABM.

I'd hope you'll see a consistency of approach from those posts - and the many links therein. In essence, going right back to the local Budget in February 2009, we've been clear and consistent in our opposition towards the privatisation of front-line Council services.

We've also tried hard, especially in recent months given the potential gravity of these decisions, to publish our Amendments a couple of days prior to the relevant Council Meeting --- and I'll re-produce our provisional position for Thursday below ...

... would be good to see the other Political Groups do likewise?


City of Edinburgh Council
Labour Amendment

Full Council Meeting
24th November 2011

Item 8.1 Alternative Business Models Review Programme
– Environment Workstream

1. Council notes that of all the manifestos presented to the people of Edinburgh in the Council elections of 2007 only one specifically advocated the privatisation of Council services.

2. Council regrets that greater public consultation was not carried out on this issue and believes that entering into the proposed contract a mere six months before local government elections is anti democratic.

3. Council also notes, with serious concern, the now acknowledged, significant workforce reduction under this element of the ABM programme with public sector jobs being lost to the city.

4. Council considers that the risk to local services, and local accountability, are too great and the estimated level of savings are unlikely to outweigh the dis-benefits of this element of the ABM programme.

5. Council therefore simply notes recommendations 23a) through to 23d) but does not agree to them.

6. Council further notes recommendation 23e).

7. Council finally notes that the Public Sector Comparator has been developed which has the potential to deliver significant improvements and savings to in-house service delivery.

8. Council thus agrees to focus attention and resources on the further development of the in-house Public Sector Comparator element (of the ABM programme) towards a conclusion and to implement this when fully finalised.

Proposed __________________________________

Seconded __________________________________

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