Thursday, September 29, 2011

Audit Committee confusion?

Audit Committee meeting earlier this morning ... main agenda here and all the reports on CPOL here.

Discussion was totally dominated by Agenda Item 5 - full report here - which might seem a bit dry on first read, but basically contains a whole welter of last-minute changes to the Council's Audited Accounts.

What I couldn't quite get to the bottom of, was why there are so many changes in relation to the tram-funding allocations (see pages 4-5 of the actual Audit Scotland report - scroll down) ... Officers kept repeating the 'late' decision of the Council on 2nd September as a reason, but as we all now know the "real" decision was actually made back in March at mediation and I just cannot fathom out why the Council Accounts weren't better prepared given mediation was over 6-months ago?

Something just doesn't seem quite right about it all.

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