Tuesday, August 30, 2011

PLEASE - keep it civil

Long-standing readers will be aware that this blog has been running for many, many years - and comment moderation is never switched on ... I'm always (pleasantly) amazed at how civil any debates generally remain!

But obviously the blog is attracting a large new readership (which is good!) at the moment due to the ongoing twists-and-turns in the local tram project ... and as you'll have noticed, there's a large number of anonymous comments being posted (again, that's fine!) but I'd just like to ask for civility to be maintained despite differing political views and positions.

I desperately want to keep the comments open to all, and totally un-moderated ... but please help me achieve that by respecting that we won't always agree.

Thanks :-)


- and please don't hesitate to e-mail if you'd like a more detailed reply to any points you want to raise with me - I simply can't promise such detail in my own 'comments', but am more than happy to do so via e-mail.

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