Friday, August 12, 2011

ERS ballot papers now out

Those of you who are Electoral Reform Society (ERS) Members will have your ballot papers - for the 2011-2013 Council elections - by now ...

... you'll either get my candidate-statement in the mailing (as part of the AGM booklet) or you can also view it directly here, on the ERS website.

As I say in the statement - I’m personally delighted that there are so many new candidates for this year’s Council elections. I hope many are successful and that a positive mix of fresh thinking and existing experience can take the Society forward to successfully meet its next challenges.

If I am re-elected to the ERS Council, I would continue to bring invaluable experience of real political campaigning and practical coalition building ...

... I do hope you can positively consider giving me a significant preference vote - many thanks :-)

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