Monday, August 15, 2011

An abdication of responsibility

Plenty of campaigning activity throughout today in the City Centre Ward --- only 2 full-days left, after today.

Karen back home (as mentioned yesterday) and busy 'directing' operations once again!

... and we're making very best use of her telephone-skills at the moment :-)

She couldn't though get to tonight's Hustings organised by Unison (and others), so my colleague Ricky Henderson (our Group Finance Spokesperson) stood in for her. Initial reports that have made it back to me, indicate it was a well attended event with current Administration (SNP/Lib-Dem) representatives showing a staggering lack of awareness about the mass-privatisation programme their own elected colleagues are currently pursuing with vigour.

It really is a shocking abdication of any responsibility for a programme that they themselves are prosecuting.

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