Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday - just :-(

Well - it's Thursday (just) and the Council Meeting has finished --- at around 11.30pm :-(

There's been endless coverage of the tram issue (which did dominate the day) in the local press, so I won't rehearse all the main arguments here - but, it does have to be said, that the general way that business was managed today (in my humble opinion) was a bit of a shambles ...

... hours (and I do mean, hours!) of questions to Officers on the tram report led absolutely nowhere; and I've little idea why many of the questions were asked in public when they could have been asked in the endless, private briefing sessions we've all had?

To be discussing (and voting) on such an important issue for the city at close to midnight seemed sadly symptomatic of the whole project :-((


Football Jon said...

As I said at the time when the BBC correspondent was tweeting from the debate, by asking the questions in public they could enter the public domain...

Andrew said...


Point accepted - but personally, I don't think anything 'new' entered the public domain via the answers given ... it felt to me like an attmept by Officers to justfiy their recommendation to commit us to another +£200million to get the tram to St. Andrew Sqaure?

... or maybe I'm just becoming too cynical in my old age :-(