Thursday, June 02, 2011

Edinburgh Labour AGM this week

Was the Edinburgh Labour AGM on Tuesday evening just past --- with the positions being confirmed at today's Council Meeting --- for those sad political anoraks out there (I know you're reading this!) I'll just paste the News Release and full list of Spokespeople below ...


Edinburgh Labour re-elects Burns in crucial election year

The Edinburgh Labour Group has unanimously re-elected Councillor Andrew Burns as Labour Group Leader at its Annual General Meeting.

Burns commented:

“I will be completely focused on the May 2012 elections and exposing the failure of the local SNP-led Council over the last 4-years. The most basic Council services are in chaos – a 2-year long bin dispute rumbles on; many Primary 1 classes have over 40 children in them; and 1 in 6 of our school leavers are not finding work, training or further education. Not to mention the complete mismanagement of the tram project. Frankly, the local SNP have let Edinburgh down.”

The full list of Labour Spokespersons, as confirmed unanimously at the AGM, is attached (follows below) for reference.

With the tram project moving to a new phase, and with a crucial decision coming up on the 30th June, Councillor Lesley Hinds has taken on the Transport Brief --- Councillor Ian Perry has moved to Environment --- and Councillor Maureen Child will focus on Health & Social Care. In addition, Councillor Bill Cook (elected in September 2010) will focus on Community Safety issues.

Burns further commented:

“It’s quite clear the local SNP-led Council has failed to manage the tram project over the last 4-years. With a major decision coming up at the end of this month, it’s appropriate to have a change of Opposition Spokesperson which will bring a re-invigorated scrutiny to the tram project at this crucial time.”


List of Group Executive and Responsibilities (2011/12)


Andrew Burns - Group Leader
Ricky Henderson - Deputy Leader

Lesley Hinds - Chair
Ian Perry - Vice Chair

Angela Blacklock - Secretary
Paul Godzik - Assistant Secretary

Gordon Munro - Whip
Cammy Day - Vice Whip


Ricky Henderson - Finance & Corporate Resources

Maureen Child - Health & Social Care
Cammy Day - Housing & Local Services
Bill Cook - Community Safety
Ewan Aitken - Voluntary Sector

Paul Godzik - Education, Children & Families
Angela Blacklock - Early Years & Equalities

Gordon Munro - Culture, Sport & Leisure

Lesley Hinds - Transport & Infrastructure
Ian Perry - Environment & Sustainability

Norma Hart - Economy & Regeneration

Eric Milligan - Planning / Police
Eric Barry - Fire / Licensing

Donald Wilson - Governance, Democracy & Smart City



Calum Cashley said...

Failed to step back quickly enough again, eh? Nae luck!


Andrew said...


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I'll have you know it's a highly coveted position :-)