Friday, June 03, 2011

Canal solar lights!

I mentioned some months ago that, at a meeting of Craiglockhart Community Council, I'd picked up that ground-based solar-lights, de-marking either edge of the canal towpath, were to be fitted along the canal ...

... well, on my way home last night, British Waterways are obviously now starting to put them in place!

They now line the canal from the Lochrin Basin, westwards, for a mile or so.

Wasn't dark, so I can't speak for their efficacy yet ;-)


Jill said...

Love that you have installed the solar lights along the canal. I'm interested in hearing an update from you and others about their effectiveness regarding light and improving safety.

Andrew said...

Haven't been along during darkness yet :-(


Hi Noticed your solar lights along a canal near your area,and the answer you gave in June.As it has been a while since then can you give an further info please.