Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog refresh?

I haven't changed the format (or many of the side-bar links) on the blog for ages ...

... so, I've taken the plunge (this relatively quiet Sunday morning!) and refreshed the look and layout.

All constructive feedback most welcome ;-)


james said...

I don't know, Andrew, it just feels a bit .. wooden.


How about some links to other non-Labour places? Your blogroll is uncharacteristically tribal.

Andrew said...

Ha ha!

... guess I asked for that :-(

Re- the links: you make a very valid point, and I do read lots of non-Labour (and non-political!) sites: so I know I do need to spend a bit of time ordering some of those links into a sensible structure and getting them up up on the side-bar.

... next 'quiet Sunday morning' project: expect to see it completed sometime in mid 2012 :-(

james said...

Seriously, it does look better, and good luck with your project. By 2015 I recommend hosting it yourself on (it's available).

Andrew said...

Many thanks ...

... but 'hosting it yourself' sounds far too technical and a bit like hard work :-)