Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 in 6 new teachers unemployed

Some truly shocking (I think) statistics out today about the number of newly qualified teachers gaining full-time, permanent employment --- only 20.5% are doing so.

The even more shocking figure though, has to be the 16.2% who are completely unemployed ...

... that's 1 in 6 newly qualified teachers without any job whatsoever!

I wonder what the comparative figure for Doctors is ... I have a sneaking suspicion that if 1 in 6 Doctors were completely unemployed after qualifying, then there would be much more public disquiet?

I'm willing to accept that, of course, there will always be some professionals who qualify and then don't pursue that profession - but over 16%!  :-(

1 in 6 teachers being unable to find a job (of any description) after qualification is a sign of significant failure in the system, as far as I'm concerned. Not good.

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