Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Don't knows" in or out?

Forgot to mention the Policy and Strategy Committee, which met yesterday ... main agenda here.

The meeting was totally dominated by the report at item number 5, on the so-called "People's Survey" - you can see the full report here.

Now, if the title wasn't Orwellian enough, you must have a quick glance at paragraph 2.2 (please do!) - I'll paraphrase the content for you here:
  • satisfaction levels with Council services are going down :-(
  • but dissatisfaction is not increasing!
  • its just that too many people are answering "Don't Know" to the questions.
  • so we'll consider ignoring them to make the results read more positively ;-)
Classic stuff.

Although, to be fair, in the ensuing debate at the Committee no one was suggesting not keeping both 'sets of data' so that reasonable comparisons could be made across a time frame ...

... but, the 'Machiavelli within me' just doesn't like it :-(

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