Friday, April 08, 2011

PSA Briefing on the Alternative Vote

For all your anoraks out there - I know you're there! - you might just find this Briefing Paper by the Political Studies Association (PSA) of some interest ...

... the 'Executive Summary' on page 2 is well worth a read - and is only a page long.

It gives a pretty good summary of the pros and cons of the Alternative Vote and makes a nonsense of many of the claims and counter-claims flying around the campaign-trail at the moment.


Jefran said...

Useful summary. I had alcmost been persuaded by pals to go for yes, but....
- not proportional
- no increase in women or BME MPs
- could exaggerate landslides (too big a majority leads to arrogant govt IMO)
- wouldn't increase turnout
- more lib dems
So why would I vote Yes? Esp re the lib dems - who knew all those orange bookers were in there??

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - and for checking out the blog.

From the same summary:

- AV would increase voter choice – between but not within political parties.
- AV would reduce but not end tactical voting.
- AV would uphold the principle of “one person, one vote”. Every voter would still be treated equally; each vote would count only once in deciding who is elected in each constituency.
- AV would give weight to second and lower preferences as well as first preferences. The merits of this move can be debated.
- AV would probably reduce the tribalism of political battle only at the margins.
- A “yes” vote would probably make further electoral system change later on more likely.

That's good enough for me and I'll be voting YES!

Thanks again for checking the blog.