Thursday, March 24, 2011

East Lothian Fabian Society

Over in Prestonpans this evening for an AV (or not to AV!) debate with Tom Harris MP, at the East Lothian Fabian Society ...

... enjoyable discussion with the assembled masses, after our opening pitches.

It is noteworthy that at almost every Labour (or Labour-related) debate I attend on this topic, one of the main 'No Campaign' attack lines is "vote no to give Clegg a bloody nose" :-(

Now, personally, I think the Lib-Dems are going to get a bloody-enough nose on May 5th - several hours before any referendum result is announced!

... and, in addition, I just can't see the logic in the 'No Campaign' argument?

If I wanted to be partisan about this - and I don't really - then it's clear to me that a Yes! vote will do a significant amount of damage to David Cameron. I simply cannot see a no vote doing the same to Nick Clegg, who is probably  --- for reasons that have nothing to do with electoral reform --- damaged beyond repair already.

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