Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Policy and Strategy Committee today

Policy and Strategy Committee meeting this morning - main agenda can be found here, and the individual papers here ...

... pleased to report that an Emergency Motion we moved on the issue of staff speaking to Councillors was agreed. Not certain what has changed since last Tuesday - but welcome the motion being approved nevertheless.

I'll simply repeat the terms of the motion here:


Constituents’ ability to raise issues with Local Councillors

Following press reports this weekend, and confirmation from a city council spokesman that a "letter was sent to staff as a reminder of their obligations under the code of conduct for employees of the City of Edinburgh Council” ...

... Committee calls for an urgent report clarifying the rights of individual members of the public (as constituents) to raise/discuss any issues of concern with their locally elected representatives.

The report to specifically address:

• The right of all individuals to attend local Councillors surgeries
• The right of all individuals to contact local Councillors in writing and/or via e-mail
• The responsibility of local Councillors to respond to such enquiries
• The restrictions placed on these rights and responsibilities by the ‘Code of Conduct’ for employees of the City of Edinburgh Council

Committee agrees this report to return to Policy and Strategy within one cycle.


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