Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nursery closures and Gathering saga

APOLOGIES to my regular readers ... election-mania has well and truly set in, and I'm way behind with the daily blogging :-(

... should be up-to-date now though :-))


As predicted, the Council Meeting was indeed dominated by Nursery closures and the (seemingly) never-ending "Gathering Saga".

The overall debate on the two Nursery School closures frankly swept aside the strong views of the many eminent practitioners who had submitted evidence against moving to closure ... not the most shining-example of how to respond to a consultation; if that's what you could really call it :-(

But most time was taken up (sadly when you think of the importance of the above) with the "Gathering Saga". No apologies were forthcoming and a very acrimonious debate led to a very split-chamber on a vote of no confidence in the Council Leader and Deputy Leader.

To be honest, it wasn't the Council's finest moment and not sure either side handled it with the gravity it should have warranted.

But - and it is an important but - the Council Leadership continue to fail to take any responsibility for the mess that this whole issue has become. Until they stand and and admit mistakes were made and apologise, I just can't see this going away :-(

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