Monday, February 28, 2011

Nursery closures to go ahead?

In all the furore over the local budget ... the proposed closure of High School Yards and Princess Elizabeth Nursery Schools has passed without a lot of press comment?

The final decision isn't made until the Full Council Meeting on 10th March - but you can see the recommendations for each Nursery here and here. Both are recommended for closure sadly.

There's an inglorious history to all of this - as far as I'm concerned - and we're still not getting absolute honesty about the position of the third Nursery School that is almost certain to close: Westfield Court. A written Council question last month merely elicited a response that a further announcement would be made in June 2011 - conveniently AFTER the Holyrood elections :-(

What really gets me is that the 2010/11 budget, which was set way back in February 2010, made it abundantly clear to anyone that 3 Nursery Schools were set to close ... and yet, some 12-months later, those in charge still haven't had the decency just to be up-front about that undeniable fact.

Indeed, we'll be into the 2011/12 budget year before the parents of Westfield Court finally find out the future of their Nursery School ... but frankly, they already know it's shut for good and not to tell them that now is treating them like fools :-((

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