Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Lib-Dem/SNP budget spin

Well, well, well ...

... on Tuesday we're told that no one knows for certain what the Lib-Dem/SNP Budget looks like? - believable??

Not if you look at this News Release, whose title clearly indicates that it was approved on the 8th February (Tuesday!).

One has to assume that the most senior Members of the Administration actually saw this News Release before it was given to numerous press outlets - I know it's embargoed until tomorrow (Thursday) but look at the title --- it was clearly approved on Tuesday :-(

Taken alongside the unbelievably positive spin that makes up the content - is it any wonder that politicians have got such a bad name?

How can we believe a word of this, when the people who have approved it's content aren't prepared to treat the citizens of Edinburgh like adults?

Truly appalling.

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