Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Audit Scotland tram report published

Well, following those leaks earlier this morning, the full Audit Scotland tram report has actually been published this afternoon instead of tomorrow!

You can see the full text of the report here and the more summarised Press Release here ...

... one point I'm bound to highlight from the Press Release is the third 'Notes to Editors' which reads:

3. In June 2007 an Auditor General for Scotland report reviewed the arrangements in place for estimating the costs and managing the Edinburgh trams project and the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link. At that time both projects were still at an early stage. In the case of the Edinburgh trams project some utility diversion works had commenced but major contracts for the construction of infrastructure and tram vehicles, including the contract with Bilfinger Berger, had yet to be awarded and the composition of the Trams Project Board was different. The report concluded that, at that time, the arrangements in place to manage the project appeared sound but added that unless work progressed to plan, cost and time targets may not be met. The report provided no guarantees over the future health of the project.

Some four years later, targets have clearly NOT been met.

And, if you return to the main report, and check out the 'Governance Arrangements' box (at the top of page 5) you'll see the key point highlighted by Audit Scotland reads thus:

Elected members of the current administration at CEC hold differing views of the Edinburgh trams project, and considerable debate is generated at council meetings when the subject is discussed. This has made it more difficult for CEC as a whole to present a unified commitment to the project.

You bet it has.

Indeed, the Council Leader herself admitted this during December's Full Council meeting.

Little wonder that Audit Scotland's News Release is entitled: "A clear way ahead and review of key player involvement needed for Edinburgh trams".

That title just about sums up all there is to say:
  • Council divided
  • project in a mess
  • new leadership required

Don't hold your breath.

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