Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tollcross Community Council and ice

Managed to get along to Tollcross Community Council this evening ...

... second evening in the town centre - been walking there and back mostly - and the pavements (even on Lothian Road) are a complete disgrace. Like many, I've been wearing my professional walking boots - I could have done with attaching my crampons this evening, the pavements really are that bad :-(

I know that some 600 staff were working on the roads and pavements during today - every one of them deserves enormous praise for their efforts - but it's clearly just not 'enough' resource as the city is still in a shocking state.

And, if you check out this briefing note, page 2 appears to indicate that less than 30 Council staff (out of a possible c17,500) have been working overnight on the roads/pavements? Just simply doesn't sound enough to me??

So - 10 days into this winter-weather and ... sections of several main bus routes are still impassable; a few Primary Schools are still closed; and the Capital city's pavements are like toboggan runs ... the sooner the Army start helping the better as far as I'm concerned!

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