Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Undeserving Poor?

I could so easily have been what Jeremy Hunt basically categorised as the 'undeserving poor' on Newsnight earlier this evening - check the interview 10-minutes into this clip ...

... I come from a pretty large, nuclear family and in the 1980's (like many working class males) my dad lost his job and money was very tight for a while. Other work was found, but it could have so easily been different - and much, much worse.

Under Hunt's --- and apparently, the new Tory philosophy --- if work hadn't been found, then any state-help for my family at the time would have been 'capped' because of the number of kids my parents had.

As David Cameron clearly said in his speech this afternoon:

"Fairness means giving people what they deserve - and what people deserve can depend on how they behave."

Obvious problem is that how people behave is often dictated to them by external events - like losing their job.

It's a truly shocking return of a Victorian-value I thought we'd left behind long ago ...

... and we are talking here, absolutely exclusively, about this notion having an impact on children.

Couples without children, who find themselves on benefit, will never break the suggested 'overall cap on benefits'.

Only families with several children will do so.

Welcome to Britain in 2010.

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