Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Labour Group re-shuffle

As mentioned earlier - Part2 of our Group AGM this evening and minor re-shuffle completed (due to Ian being occupied elsewhere!) with, I'm glad to say, no divisions ... bit of a contrast to our erstwhile local Lib-Dem colleagues :-(

... for those 'political anoraks' out there who are interested in such things, the complete list of the refreshed Labour Group posts follows below - our focus will certainly remain three-fold:

  1. promoting Edinburgh's wider interests at every possible opportunity
  2. speaking up in defence of essential front-line public services here in the city
  3. scrutinising every action of the current Council Administration


Andrew Burns - Group Leader
Ricky Henderson - Deputy Leader

Lesley Hinds - Chair
Ian Perry - Vice Chair

Angela Blacklock - Secretary
Paul Godzik - Assistant Secretary

Gordon Munro - Whip
Cammy Day - Vice Whip


Ricky Henderson - Finance & Corporate Resources

Lesley Hinds - Health & Social Care
Cammy Day - Housing & Local Services
Ewan Aitken - Voluntary Sector

Paul Godzik - Education, Children & Families
Angela Blacklock - Early Years & Equalities
Gordon Munro - Culture, Sport & Leisure

Ian Perry - Transport & Infrastructure
Maureen Child - Environment & Sustainability
Norma Hart - Economy & Regeneration

Eric Milligan - Planning / Police
Eric Barry - Fire / Licensing

Donald Wilson = Governance, Democracy & Smart City


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