Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday campaigning

Very busy, penultimate
'election-Sunday' out-and-about campaigning today ...

... lot of postal vote mailings stuffed and dispatched this morning, and then Alistair visited the 'Dalry Colonies Spring Clean' early afternoon - as you can see ;-)

My hallway is now also in a temporary state of (relative) semi-tidiness prior to the delivery of all the final-week materials!

And certainly worth mentioning some interesting detail about who's trusted on the economy in one of the ComRes Polls out today - all the relevant information can be found here.

10-days and counting ...


Ed said...

I do believe I saw you go into the Chemist on Ashley Place 10 mins ago. Headache perhaps? Not Gordon's best day I fear.

Andrew said...


"Big Brother is watching you"!

No headache - anymore than normal for an election agent that is - simply picking up a prescription for junior.

No scandal here - move along now ...