Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portobello High School

Nearly four-years on and the rebuilding of a new Portobello High School is still generating plenty of debate and, sadly, still not one single brick laid ...

... report on progress (such as it is) up for debate/decision at tomorrow's Full Council Meeting - it can be found here.

What a tragic contrast.


Allan said...

TyneCastle High and Broughton High are ready, they (Council) might be slow but progress is being made.

Andrew said...


I'm bound to say, that Tynecastle and Broughton (and just about every other new school in the city) were instigated under previous Administration/s ... some 34 in total.

Only Portobello and Gillespies have been 'planned' under this current Coalition, and they are many, many years away from completion I'm afraid.