Friday, March 05, 2010

Grant reductions of "over £1million" confirmed :-(

Confirmation today that over £1million has been removed from Council grant-giving ...

... the 'positive' spin being put on the whole sorry-saga is that funding has been preserved at 95% of last year’s level - maybe so, but this hides some painful truths:
  • check out paragraph 2.2 (on page 1) of the main report here
  • this confirms that total grant-funding for 2010/11 is some £20.6million
  • 100 divided by 95, times £20.6million = £21.68million
  • £21.68million minus £20.6million = an overall reduction of £1.08million

... and most inconvenient of all:


  • Council revenue funding UP by 1.76% (circa £14million)
  • Council grant-giving DOWN by 5% (circa £1million)

Yet more proof that this SNP/Lib-Dem Coalition know the cost of everything but the true value of nothing.

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