Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another glorious defeat

Stopped working for a few hours this afternoon to watch the Italy V Scotland rugby match ...

... I should have gone back out to do a bit more leafleting :-(

Brought back all those memories from the very same encounter at Murrayfield in 2007 :-((


Anonymous said...

Give up this blog please, no one is replying to you, not even the nutter John Wallace (Nazi Graffiti case comes up soon though). Go figure, no replies, no readers! You are essentially talking to yourself here. In all the vastness of the internet, no-one has really bothered to respond to your sweetie wifes wee corner shop of a blog. (I am responding out of the goodness of my heart to try and save you further embarrassment)

You are just wasting your time, the planets resources (all those hot servers keeping your muse alive)as well as deluding yourself with this wee bit of vanity.

BLOGS are DEAD..... particularly yours.

Andrew said...


I'm truly touched by your concern for me - but I wouldn't worry about me too much ... you can't see the blog-traffic figures, and I can.


P.S. ironically, having just checked, yesterday was a bit of a 'record-Saturday' for both unique visits and page-views ;-)