Thursday, October 29, 2009

Policy and Strategy meeting next week

Policy and Strategy committee meeting next Tuesday - main agenda here, and all the papers can be found on 'Committee Papers on Line' (CPOL) by searching here ...

... one report worth noting is at item 9 on the Draft Budget for 2010/11 - you can see it here.

At last were getting some plain facts on next year's Scottish budget - paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 indicate that for Scotland the budget is rising in real terms, with a welcome recognition of the mendacity being employed by the Scottish Government when it comes to 'capital acceleration'. Poor old SPICe (first bullet-point on page 3!) will probably have its funding removed and be closed down soon :-(

... and paragraphs 2.5 through to 2.9 (however grudgingly!) acknowledges that Edinburgh's financial allocation is also going to be a rise in real terms.

So, if income is going up for Scotland and for Edinburgh - in real terms, not just cash terms - then the problem must be levels of expenditure ... correct!

Those in charge just need to get it under control - it's called the responsibility of being in power.

Mind you, I'll take any bet that the actual truth of all this is completely ignored and those in charge continue to take no responsibility whatsoever and simply continue to blame someone else.

Truly depressing stuff ...

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