Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Unionist plot?

I just don't understand how Stewart Stevenson can be so happy about the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between the 1990 (base year) and 2007? Apparently said-emissions are down by an astonishing 18.7% during that period!

These figures just have to be a unionist plot --- I mean, just how can such good news be true?

The SNP weren't in power for any of this period.

Labour were in charge of UK-policy from 1997 onwards; and alongside the Lib-Dems they were also in charge of Scottish policy from 1999-2007. Even the Tories were involved, as they were in charge of UK policy from 1990-1997!

See, I told you - a unionist plot.

Stewart Stevenson needs to get a better spin-doctor ;-)

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